I have had many opportunities to get out and see Tokyo this past week with friends and with Rick. Saturday Rick and I went to a museum that had a full size Japanese village that you could walk through. It was small but quite interesting. Afterwards, we walked over to the Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum. I really enjoyed it. Then we ate at a little Japanese restaurant on the way home. On the train back we saw guy who dressed and looked very much like Fonzie from the old Happy Days tv show. He had the hair, the jeans, black boots, white t-shirt and the black leather jacket. It was great!The population in Japan is declining and I think it is because they get dogs instead. There are dog shops everywhere that provide everything a little dog could want or need, from furniture to the complete wardrobe. We have seen dogs in jeans and rugby shirts, raincoats, frilly dresses, riding in special strollers etc etc. On our walk home from the station we saw a man with three dogs. i really don’t remember what clothes the three were wearing. All I can remember is that they were bright colors and coordinated with their sunglasses. Yes, that’s right all three dogs were wearing sunglasses!!!! I would like to have seen how he kept them on, but they were moving too fast. A photo would have been fun but they were gone in an instant. I will let you know if I see anything that tops that.