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Wednesday we were off again, this time in Michelle’s car.  Our first stop was Ikea located in an area called Chiba.  Michelle’s car has a navigation system that can often be annoying as we discovered.  Since it was a hoilday week in Japan, it seemed that everyone who hadn’t ventured to the countryside to worship their ancestors was at Ikea.  It took us a long time to turn off from the main road and to get into the parking lot.  Our first stop was the restaurant, Michelle and her sister, Deidre had not had lunch and so we got meatball sandwiches, drinks and the famous Ikea tortes for dessert.  We didn’t have much time to look around because of the crowds and the fact that we needed to have Deidre at Narita Airport about 4:00 pm.   Back in the car again we set the navigational system to guide us to Narita, although Michelle and I both knew the way.  It was hilarious how the navigation system kept wanting to get off the expressway and take the back roads.  We arrived at Narita in plenty of time and sent Deidre on her way.

The next stop was Costco.  I haven’t been since last December and I had a long list.  I was having a great time until I got to check out and my American Express card was declined at the register.  YIKES!!! I only had half of the money.  Fortunately, for me, they were out of many of the things Michelle had wanted to buy and so she still had the other half.  Lesson learned- always take cash.  Fun purchase of the day!!!! Braun Blender that is super powerful.

The adventure doesn’t end there!  Michelle’s cousin is working at Disneyland as Prince Charming.  He and a friend had been to Michelle’s and had covered wooden tea boxes with wshi paper and Michelle was delivering them.   So we needed to find the Disney employee housing.  We entered his phone number into the navigation system and it can back as unregistered so we were just going to get in the vicinity and call, but them the system started working, or so we thought.  We followed the instructions and were told that we arrived at our destination only to be several blocks from where we really wanted to be.  Michelle started driving in the direction she thought she should go and called we were ony a short distance away.  we made the delivery and headed home.  We left at 1:30 and arrived back at home at about 9:00pm.  A long day but once again fun to be with Michelle.

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  1. James

    YEAH!!! I guess you figured out how to use wordpress since you have a post up. Good thing you were not relying on that GPS to get you where you were going :). Happy blogging.

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