DSC00829.JPGHooray!  My baby boy is home.  Not that he’s a baby anymore, it’s just that he’s my youngest.  His 6’5” frame seems even taller because he lost weight in Africa, 22 pounds to be exact.  He looks good and healthy though and has quite a nice “farmer’s” tan.  We were so excited to see him emerge from customs.  We have been keeping him busy seeing the sights around Tokyo and today he, Rick and Kristina have spent most of the day at a sumo tournament.  I met them in Asakusa for lunch and then we walked around the shops and saw Sensoji Temple.  Yesterday we took the train to Nikko to see the temples there.  It is in the mountains and there are trees everywhere.  Tomorrow he and Kristina are heading to Disneyland he hasn’t been since he was in third grade.  They will be playing withDSC00851.JPG Mickey and Minnie, Rick will be working and I will go to my calligraphy class.

It is great to have him here and I am so glad that Kristina could come to surprise him.  It is always good to have family here with us. 

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  1. Looks and sounds like lots of fun

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