Boy! Time flies when you are having fun!  It has been a lot of fun having Alex here with us longer than we expected.  He does not seem to be dying of boredom yet.  Yesterday he finally decided he needed some more clothes.  I only brought a few of his things to Tokyo because I didn’t think he’d be here this long.  Now the weather has finally started to turn cool and so he bought a hoodie and a sweater.  We bought a jacket a few weeks ago and he will just have to make do with the jeans and cords he has because it will be impossible to find anything long enough for him here.  Not many Japanese men are 6 foot 5 inches.

He had fun the other day going through his four boxes of stuff.  We’ve been moving them around since we left London.

James sent me a link to an awesome website for creating your own cookbook.  You can enter your recipes and then have a really cool cookbook printed.  I plan to collect recipes from my kids and make one to give everyone at our family reunion next summer.  You can check it out at