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Fish on a Stick
Fish on a Stick

One of the fun things to do in Tokyo during the summer is to attend a Matsuri (festival).  There is something going on somewhere every week.  Andrew and Leigh were here visiting the past two weeks and one day we went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at Asakusa.  One of my favorite things about about any matsuri is the sreet food.  Rick loves this kind or food because it is what he ate as a missionary, it is his comfort food.  However, fish on a stick is not one of the things I plan to try, ever.  Fish on a stick is at every festival and is very popular.  I could not get Andrew or Leigh to try it.  Leigh did find the Japanese version of french fries.  It is an entire potato, peeled, a stick poked through the center, cut in a spiral and  deep fried.  It is finally sprinkled with cheese powder and then drizzled with Japanese mayonaisse.  Yum!!


Japanese fries

Japanese friesAsakusa

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