Little Red Returns

Little Red

Little Red

Hooray!  Last night, Rick brought Little Red back home (see Stormtrooper post below).  It seems like she has been gone forever, although it has only been about a week and a half.  I was so glad to see her that I spent over an hour with her and the English instruction manual setting her back up.  She has a new sim card and battery and seems to have recovered quite nicely.  Ako-san went to a lot of trouble to get her taken care of for me.  I think in the US I would have been offered a new contract and a new phone. 

In fact, when she went in for repairs I really didn’t care if I saw her again.  After two years I was ready for a new phone.  Little Red was a great little flip phone when I got her, but there are some really cool looking phones out there.  Enter the Storm Trooper loaner phone.  Whoa!!! It is amazing how that phone put Little Red in perspective for me.  I love Little Red and was so happy to get her back.  She is tiny and most of all she’s red, my favorite color.  She works and after two years I am finally learning about some of her finer features.  My favorite feature is being able to send and receive email.  Ako-san even arranged an easier email address for my phone.  The last one looked something like this npnwsnerhxi63v0eke at ntt dot com.  How could anyone remember that and anyone receiving an email from that address would most likely think it was spam.  Now, I have a really nice, easy to remember address and anyone receiving an email will most  definitely know that it is from me.  I am so glad Little Red is home. (Please note-My phones did not have names until this experience!)


  1. Haha! Inanimate objects are supposed to have names…it makes things more fun…I have my car, Penelope, my GPS, Yolanda…my newer bike still doesnt have a name, and come to think of it, my phone doesn’t have a name either…of course, if I think back to when I got her (hot pink and all), I remember making some comment about Malibu Barbie…Well, I am glad that you are blogging again…and Hi Chews are always very appreciated! Love ya!

  2. Funny! Livvy and I were just talking today that lots of people back East (in the US) name their homes — like Martha Stewart’s “Turkey Hill” I’ve heard of car names — now phone names — you’re cute! And BTW, blogspot is super easy to change the “look” of, though there aren’t very many choices. I could go to other sites and find much fancier and cuter wallpapers for the blog, but it’s hard to set up and in the change you lose lots of stuff and have to put it all back together by yourself — so I stick with the easier blogspot ones – lots and love and good trips! L.

  3. I like your “little red”, I lost my cell phone b/f I went to the states. I got a new one from the company and then today I found it! It was in my Russian language book bag!! I already returned the second phone to the office. woo hoo

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