Storm Trooper

Somewhere after Omaha my cute, little, red, Japanese, flip phone stopped working.  I hoped that it would start working again when I returned to Japan, it didn’t.  With my limited Japanese, it is impossible for me to communicate with NTT DoCoMo, my cell phone company.  Rick took it to work and gave his secretary; and mine, I suppose, since she does all kinds of things for me; the assignment to talk to the phone service.  So after a few days I asked Rick for an update.  Well…my phone is in the shop.  Not the answer I was hoping for.  A new phone would have been nice.  Rick said he was bringing home a loaner with my sim card in it.  I thought he would show up with my phone in a black version because I know that the company has some.  I wasn’t so lucky.  Begin playing the Star Wars theme song here.  He brought home the Storm Trooper Phone.  I really haven’t seen a phone this big or ugly in a long time.  My camera is a Sony touch screen and the phone is twice as thick and 1/2 longer.  It won’t even fit in the cell phone pocket in my purse.  I hope I get little red back soon! In the meantime, maybe I have Darth Vader’s number in my phonebook now.

The Storm Trooper

The Storm Trooper


  1. Kristina

    you are too cool! nice phone, eh?!

  2. dee jones

    I am still laughing. It looks like a “beam me up Scotty” transporter from Star Trek…
    the white makes it look like Star Wars though…

  3. Laurie

    Too funny!! annoying, but funny! I have an adjustment with my phones every time I go back and forth from the US and Singapore – they are different shape, size, color, features, key positions – I hope you get your little red phone back soon =-)

  4. Alex

    Mom, you are too cool! Life is full of adventures. Also, the summer recap was great! All in the day of the life of a grandma with kids in 3 countries! Love ya tons!

  5. James

    Now that is a cool phone!! It totally is a Storm Trooper phone. Hope you get the smaller one back soon, and I thought Japan was the land of cool technology and stuff 🙂

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