I looked out the window and what did I see?

Nope, it wasn’t popcorn!  I love Friday and Saturday mornings.  I teach seminary Monday-Thursday at 6:00am and this prevents me from getting out to exercise as early as I like.   That is actually the only sacrifice I make by teaching early morning seminary because I love every member of my fabulous class and love being with them at 6:00am.   I look forward to Friday and Saturday so I can get out before everyone starts out to go to school and work.  Remember I live in the heart of a city of 12 million people!  This time of year early is 6:30am.  During the months then when it gets light earlier and it’s hotter, early is 5:00am.  So today when I looked out the window this is what I saw:

My Street

My Street


I saw this too and thought my grandaughter, Aimee, would like it because of the color.  I am sure Bob the Builder would be envious of this purple and pink digger!  I have no idea why they are digging up the parking lot next door.  I hope its not to build an apartment building to block my already limited view.


The Digger

The Digger

It has been dreary and rainy all week and I truly was hoping for a beautiful day since I have to be out a lot today.  I thought about staying in and doing the Beach Body DVD, but then read something in an email about making excuses for not getting out and exercising.  (doing Beach Body is always a half- hearted attempt at working out for me).  So I put on yoga pants, my Boston University hoodie with the hood up and topped it with a fleece and gloves and headed out.  It was just a light rain and so I enjoyed my walk around my neighborhood.  I love early morning in Tokyo.  Mostly, I don’t see many people; a few shopkeepers sweeping their sidewalks, delivery men and a few other early risers.  I love smelling the wonderful aroma coming from the many bakeries.  Walking in the rain was exhilarating.  I am glad I didn’t use the rain as an excuse today because now it’s snowing!

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  1. Kristina

    Way to go! Exercise always makes me happier-rain, snow, or sunshine…my back is feeling loads better…in fact, I swam this morning with my friend Andrew, went running 6 miles with my friend Alison, and walked all over the city on Alison and I’s day around Boston. The advil is helping a lot, too! I love you, and can’t wait to see you!

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