It’s nice to know…

It’s nice know that I have readers.  I am doing my daily post to help me be more alert to my surroundings and it is helping.  Everyday I have my camera with me and am constantly thinking, “What am I going to post today?” So thank you to my my faithful “commenters.”

The photos below were taken in Harajuku.  On the weekends it is invaded by young people participating in cosplay, which is simply dressing up in costumes.  Some dress like their favorite manga or anime characters.  They were not excited about having their photo taken which is crazy.  That’s the reason these are not great photos


  1. Nicole

    I love that your posting everyday! I hope when we get a computer in Idaho I will be able to post everyday. I love you and am very excited to see you in a few months!

  2. dee

    I think I remember the girl with the face mask as really not wanting me to take her picture when I was there awhile back. I love to at least go and see them, even if I don’t get to take a picture (but it is much more fun to share and for us to see so thanks for posting them!)

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