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Yesterday my post was about crossing at signals.  I learned about “Zebra Crossings” (note that is not pronounced Zeebra but Zehbra) when I moved to London.  I find them in most cities, even Salt Lake but since drivers there don’t seem to understand the principle of the Zebra they have bright orange flags to carry while you cross.  Anyway, a Zebra crossing looks like this:

In London, in theory, the minute you step off the curb cars are required to stop for you.  In Tokyo you look both ways and cars may or may not decide to stop.  When I walk home I often don’t want to wait for the “Green Man” or to cross at the Zebra and so I cut through the hospital parking lot ( the shortest distance to my front door) and cross here:

First notice the barricade, I climb over it.  Notice the small piece of concrete, you step off of it right into traffic.  My front door is where the glowing yellow light is.  I am cautious, but I really shouldn’t be doing this.  The shortest distance between two points isn’t always the safest!

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  1. Alex

    I think you got it wrong mum! I believe the right way to cross the Zebra crossing is to hop on each white stripe without touching the asphalt.

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