Tokyo is cold and it is very much still winter here.  Have I said that I love the cold? It always surprises me when in the midst of the cold dreary days I see a glimpse of spring.  I live in the perfect place to experience the seasons.  Arisugawa park is across the road and has some of the most glorious autumn leaves and that is where I always spot the first plum blossoms in February.  Then surrounding the Aiiku Hospital, also across the road, are cherry trees so I get experience them in all their glory at the end of March.

Ume Blossoms

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  1. dee

    You are lucky-you live in such a great location! I was hoping the cherry blossoms would be a little late this year since I am coming in April. I would love to see them so I will hope some linger for us to see. We still have lots of snow on the ground so your picture gave me a spark of spring fever!!!

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