Valentine’s Day in Japan

Valentine’s Day in Japan is celebrated a bit differently than it is in other places I have lived.  On Valentine’s Day in Japan women give men sweet treats and men generally don’t give women anything.  Then on March 14, called White Day, men are supposed to give women gifts.  We get involved in this because the secretaries at Rick’s office give him treats.  Here is a picture of his haul on Friday:

Valentine's Treats

He received, from left to right, three individually wrapped donuts, a variety of little cakes, and a box of four piggy chocolates and a heart.  Each box was beautifully wrapped.  See the photo below for a close up of the little piggy chocolates.

Four little piggies and a heart

Now if you don’t get the piggies, neither do I, other than Japanese women and girls really like things that are “cute” and the piggies are definitely in that category.

So…sometime close to March 14 I will be out buying treats for the sweet women who bought these treats.  I think I better be more creative than the Godiva I have bought for them the last three years.  Maybe I should make them some cupcakes!

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  1. Dee

    cute, cute, little piggies. When we were in Japan this past week it was amazing how much Valentine’s stuff they had out to sell! Such darling stuff!
    Your cupcakes would be a hit for sure. I have your vanilla cupcakes from your site in the oven now. I am cooking them for….well, just because they sounded so darn good!

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