We finished up our sightseeing in Varanasi and flew to Delhi.  Our driver met us at the airport in Delhi and we made the eyeopening four hour drive to Agra.  If you think driving in India during the day is crazy driving at night is insane.  Some of the large trucks don’t even have lights on the back and pedestrians appeared in the middle of the road as if from nowhere.  How this mass of humanity gets anywhere is the “incredible” part of India. It was a bit intense, but our driver was great.  We went to bed as soon and we checked into the hotel.  We wanted to be rested for the next day’s adventures.

We started out with a horse carriage ride to reach the Taj Mahal. It is so much more fantastic when you are there.  The degree of workmanship is amazing.  Photos do not do it justice.

First Glimpse

The Taj Mahal

We're really here!

Taj details

more details

Taj Minaret

Next, we went to Agra Fort.  It is made from red sandstone.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort detail

View of the Taj Mahal from Agra Fort

We also visited Itmad-ud-ullah, also called the Baby Taj.  It is similar to the Taj Mahal, but was built earlier so the details are more geometric.

Baby Taj

Baby Taj detail

Sikander is where the Emperor Akbar was buried.  The grounds of this tomb are beautiful and there are antelope roaming.