India-Day 7-8-Jaipur and Drive to Delhi

Today we met our guide and driver and went to the Palace of the Wind.  Jaipur is called the pink city because many years ago the Maharajah had all the buildings painted pink when a English dignitary was visiting.  All of the buildings in the old city are pink or more recently terracotta.  The Palace of the Wind is a facade that is only one room deep.  It was constructed so that the women were able to see what was going on down on the street without being seen.  The way it was constructed with carved marble screens allowed the women to remain cool.

Wind Palace

Next, we headed up into a mountainous area to the Amer Fort.  It was arranged for us to ride an elephant up to the fort.  This elephant ride is quite a racket.  Elephants are not native to this area and climbing the steep incline in the desert climate is hard on them.  Our guide was quick to inform us that the number of trips each elephant can make each is day is limited to 5.  I think it’s limited to five because the tourists come all at once in the morning or all at once in the afternoon and that it is how many trips it takes for with all of the elephants to get everyone up.  Our guide did not ride the elephant, our driver drove him up the back side and I wish that we would have gone the same way.

Amer fort

Women's View

Amer Fort Garden

After leaving the fort we went to the Jantar Mantar.  This is an outdoor observatory.  Hindus have a strong belief in astrology and place emphasis on the predictions the astrologer gives then about their life.  Next, we went to the City Palace.  This is where the Maharajah lives.  I especially enjoyed the museum displaying examples of the Maharajah’s clothing.

City Palace

We ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and then returned back to the hotel.

The Taj Jai Mahal Hotel- Jaipur

Later that evening our driver took us back into the old city so we could walk around the market.

The next day we were up early for our 5+ hour drive back to Delhi.  here are some photos from the drive:

The picture of this kind faced man was on the dashboard of the Toyota Innova that we spent a lot of time in.  For some reason, I started calling him Baba Ganoush in my head.  I know the driver believed that this kind man was protecting us.  I know that Baba ganoush is an Arabic dish made from eggplant, so I didn’t say this aloud. He just looked like his name should be Baba to me and Ganoush was the perfect last name.

Our last day in Delhi was Sunday and we spent it by attending the International branch.  It is always a blessing to attend church in the different cities we visit throughout the world and Delhi was no exception.  It was fast Sunday and the members have so much faith.  We flew back to Tokyo late Sunday, arriving Monday evening.

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  1. Kristina

    Mom-It looks like you and Dad had a wonderful time in India. I am pretty much jealous. I love how well you document everything, and I love all of the photos. It sounds like with all of your international adventures, you and Dad really make a point to enjoy these other cultures, learn as much as you can about them, and just enjoy being a part of them for a time. Wish I could have come, mostly for all of the yummy Indian food! Miss you!

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