Today is supposed to be the best day for viewing the cherry blossoms.  So…this morning I hopped on my bike and headed to Aoyama cemetery, my favorite place for hanami (cherry blossom viewing).  Things looked good but, I expect by the weekend it will be even better.  I will be in Texas by then.  I love this time of year!  Here are the photos:

This is a shot I got outside the the Tokyo Temple. Hurray! No power lines,


  1. Stephanie M

    those are AMAZING pictures of cherry blossoms. we have a lot of those around here too- but i don’t think i could do them justice like you did!

  2. Nicole

    I Love Cherry Blossoms! We do not have any around here! 🙁

  3. Teigan

    These are gorgeous pictures! I love cherry blossom season. Looks like you are having a blast in Texas too. Congrats to Kristina and Brian!

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