This morning I woke up thinking about casseroles.  A bit odd? Not really, since we are having a branch party today and the first letter of my last name falls under the “bring a casserole” category.  I have not made a true casserole since….hmm…maybe the very early 90’s.  When I met Rick I had never eaten a casserole, ramen noodles, Kraft macaroni and cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I grew up in a meat, potatoes and lots of fresh vegetables kind of family.  Sandwiches were bologna or cheese, tomato and lettuce or grilled cheese with chopped onions.  The only thing we ate that mixed our food mixed together was chili, beef stew or creamed tuna on toast.  Macaroni and cheese was of the homemade variety.

Rick grew up in a family where they ate lots of casseroles.  So…I quickly learned to cook all of them.  My mother even found a few she made after joining the church and being called to the RS presidency.  You can see the recipes for the ones I made the most at Yum! I am trying to remember when or why I stopped making casseroles.  I think it was when we moved to Saudi Arabia. I remember a complete diet overhaul during that time.

This morning, I could not bring myself to make a true casserole.  I don’t really like them and the Campbell’s soup included in almost all of them is just too salty.  This morning I pulled out my French Laundry cookbook and began preparing the lasagne. It’s the only recipe I make from this cookbook.  That makes it a pretty expensive recipe. (I have stopped buying cookbooks since I can find amazing recipes for everything I want to make online). I didn’t buy the cookbook it was a gift from a friend in London.  It is a wonderful recipe made from all fresh ingredients.  I can’t believe I am taking the time to make it for a branch party, but I do love my branch!