More wedding

Brian, Kristina and the kids

Ally, Maddie and Izzie

Carruth Kids

Leigh and Andrew

Kristina and Izzie

James, Ruth and Family

Ruth and Kris

Alex and Caitlyn

Boredom Remedy

Alex, Jan and Stacey

Just me and my sister

McCall and Presley

Nicole and McCall

Rick, Maddie and Lainey

Ally and Alex

Leigh and David


Maddie, Lainey and Havana

The Cake

Groom's Cake



The girls


  1. marisa

    Kristina looked absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy for both her and Brian. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Nicole

    I LOVED THIS DAY! I am missing everyone!!

  3. Stacey

    You are so good at keeping up your blog and the pictures you took are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them and doing such a good job at making sure everyone was shown.

  4. Paula Jensen

    Looks like it was a GREAT day!!! Thanks for sharing.

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