A Glorious Morning

When I woke up I was so excited that it wasn’t raining anymore.  The skies are so clear that I could see Mt Fuji if was somewhere higher.  Rick can see it from his office on a day like today. It was perfect for my bike ride. I love Tokyo before 6 am! I decided to go Tokyo Bay. I found New Takeshiba Pier quickly. I took some photos from the pier.

New Pier Takeshiba

Because 25,000,000 people live in the Tokyo metro area they are always looking for new land.  Odaiba is reclaimed land in the middle of Tokyo Bay. The Rainbow Bridge is the direct connection to Tokyo.  Rick’s office is in Odaiba. His building is just left of the center in the photo below.


Doesn’t the Fuji TV Building look like it was built with an erector set?

Fuji TV Building

Ship Mast Landmark

I am discovering that sometimes I see things through the camera lens that I wouldn’t normally notice, like the sailor you can see in this photo.


Looking up the Sumida River

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  1. dee

    Seeing your blog and the good pictures you are getting makes me want to agree with Dan even more that we need a better camera! I love coming here often to see your blog b/c you are keeping up with posts. Tell Kristina it is time to blog Kristian Carruth Brown!!!
    I enjoy your blog entries every time I visit!

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