This week is a big holiday week in Japan and much of Asia, Golden Week.  Several national holidays are together and we usually go away.  This year we decided to stay in Tokyo and take some day trips.  Today we went to Naritasan (Naritasan Shinshoji Temple).  It is a large and very popular Buddhist temple complex in Narita City, not far from Narita Airport. I thought it was going to be packed when got there because the train was crowded and everyone seemed to get off at Narita. It was also quite busy on the shopping street leading up to the the temple complex.  We stopped at a restaurant and ate tempura.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t very crowded.

Omotesando Shopping and "dining" Street

This temple is as popular as Meiji shrine in Tokyo. I definitely liked Naritasan better. There is so much more to see than at Meiji.

Main Gate

Incense smoke

Prayer Tablets

Naritasan was built in the year 940 around its main sacred object of worship, a statue of the Buddhist Fudo Myoo deity. Many temple buildings stand on the spacious grounds of Naritasan, including the temple’s new and former main halls, a three storied pagoda and a huge Tahoto style pagoda, named the Great Pagoda of Peace. The park that surrounds it is beautiful. We had a great day and I can’t believe that this is our first trip there in four years.

Three Story Pagoda


This hall is 920 years old

Turtle Island covered with turtles

Close up


  1. dee

    WOW! You got some awesome pictures of the temple and the surrounding area! I sure enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your Tokyo area finds!

  2. Mindy

    Love your pictures! I am really getting a feel for what Tokyo is like. Can’t wait to go there someday!

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