There is a chain of craft stores in Tokyo called Yuzawaya. I was disappointed a few months ago when I discovered that the location I always go to was closing. There are several small branches, but they don’t even compare to the huge store I have always gone to in Kichijoji. Today I went to the flagship location in Kamata. The problem with the Kamata location is that the store is housed in several buildings spread over a few blocks. I was worried that I would not be able to find the building that had what I was looking for. I came out of the station and headed towards the first Yuzawaya sign I saw. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed another one that was closer and decided to start there. It was the building I needed to find the blue and white gingham I need for the Dorothy dress I am making. I walked around the station area and decided to explore the other Yuzawaya buildings on a cooler day. Here are the photos I took:

Sun Road

Fruit and vegetable stand

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  1. dee

    A new place for me to discover on a trip to Tokyo again!
    Sounds great!

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