Maddie’s Birthday

Today is Maddie’s 7th birthday. She ate McDonald’s hash browns for breakfast and then we went to the grand opening of Toys R Us to spend her birthday money. She chose 3 mermaid dolls that are from an Australian show “H2O, just add water.” Then we stopped at Subway and headed to Cottsloe Beach for a picnic and to play at the playground.


Cottesloe Beach

The black dots are surfers waiting to catch a wave

Papa, Maddie, Bammy and Izzie


Miss Izzie

Contemplating getting her feet wet

Birthday Girl


  1. Shannon

    Looks like you’re having a great time in Australia! I’m so glad you’ve posted so much about your time there, and photos of the girls and their new surroundings there in Perth! It looks so lovely! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten already since I saw them last! And Nando’s–yay for a bit of London down under!

  2. dee

    It sounds like a perfect birthday girl day! How fun!

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