In Kingwood, Texas one of the greenbelt trails goes right along the shore of Lake Houston. When I lived there an ancient Magnolia tree grew so close to the shore that I thought it was going to fall in. The trails association saved it when they decided to put in a bulkhead to prevent erosion. I gave that tree a name and every time I skated or biked past I would say, “Hi Maggie.” Kristina told me recently that Maggie is gone. So sad. I love trees and my favorite here in Japan is in my favorite park.

This old gingko tree is in the park right across from the Tokyo Metropolitan library. I think it was included in a post earlier this year about spring. This tree has a massive trunk. My arms won’t reach around it.

I like the unusual shape of the gingko leaves. They remind me of tiny fans.

I haven’t named this tree, yet. I’m still working on it.