My flight from Narita was delayed and as I sat waiting I could hear Rick saying, “I told you so.” Now, he really didn’t say that, but he could have. He questioned my booking on the the early Continental flight to Houston from LA. I have flown this route several times this year and my Singapore Air flight has always arrived early (not this time). I even had the option during online check in to change to the later flight, but did I listen to that voice that gently encouraged me to do it? NO! Immigration and customs in LA was packed. I did get on the later flight, but lost my free upgrade to business that I had on the earlier flight and I was on one of the back rows in coach, not a big deal. I have learned my lesson and will book a flight that allows plenty of time in LA, not my favorite airport to hang out in, by the way.

Kristina picked me up late Saturday night and delivered me to James and Ruth’s. I arrived in time to celebrate Aimee’s 9th birthday on today.

The Birthday Girl