Arisugawa Summer

I often post photos that show the seasons in Arisugawa park. This is the park across the street from my apartment, an oasis in this middle of this metropolis. I cannot remember if I have posted any of summer in the park before. I don’t especially enjoy the park in the summer. Everything is green with a haze that comes from the high heat and humidity. Today I realized that the park in the summer is not so much about what can be seen, but instead it’s about the sounds. Screeching cicadas, crows cawing and the song of birds are the sounds of Arisugawa in summer. There is something about the sound of a million cicadas that just makes me hot.

A perfect thing to do in the park on a hot summer day

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  1. dee

    Such a beautiful place, but you know if it is that beautiful it has to be humid and hot! ugh to the hot..thank heavens for the beauty!

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