Psychology of a workout

6:00 am-wake up, LATE. Freak out because the sidewalks and streets will be crowded on my bike ride.

6:05am- remember about decision to leave at 7:45am and ride bike to the American Club to use elliptical

6:10am- calm down and get up and dress in workout clothes.

6:45am- think about not going to the gym and just riding bike

6:46am-think about staying home and not doing anything

7:40am- put on shoes and get gear for bike ride

7:45am-leave building and head in the direction of club

7:50am-still riding to club, decide to ride there and back home skipping the gym

8:00am-decide to go to club, park my bike and see how crowded the gym is.

8:15am-two people in gym, decide to get a locker card

8:20am- on elliptical set time for 10 minutes

8:45am- finish 25 minutes on elliptical

8:55am-back on bike and plan this blog post while riding home. Decide to take a picture of a big hill on the way home for post and talk about how sometimes a workout is like climbing this hill. Picture of hill doesn’t look so steep. Why do I allow this to go on in my brain??????

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  1. Stacey

    Well good… your morning and my morning have not been that different for the past two weeks:)

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