It must be in my genes. Every Tuesday for a long time my sister and I spent the night at my grandmother’s house. Our mother worked nights and our dad spent Tuesday night working on his dragster. Every weekend we were back at at grandma’s because our parents were bowling, partying or somewhere racing the dragster.

After we moved from an apartment to a small house, the dragster was parked in our garage. It was fun to let kids from school in to see it. Drag racing was not a popular hobby for parents in my neighborhood. My sister and I were never allowed to watch my dad race. I guess I can give my mother credit for not wanting to traumatize us if witnessed him crashing.

I have always loved going fast. I loved the roller coasters at the amusement park near my grandparent”s house. I loved seeing how fast I could throw myself down the slide into the huge pool at that same amusement park. I loved zipping around my hometown on my friend, Cindie’s snowmobiles. I have always like going fast.

I love the logo for the Idemitsu gas stations here in Tokyo.

I love the hair blowing in the wind image. I love the wind blowing through my hair. That’s why I have always chosen the exercise that let’s the wind blow through my hair. In the past it was inline skating.  Here in Tokyo it’s riding my bike. I still need speed.