It seems that I am forever reminded of things that I forgot to teach my children. When James went on his mission to Haiti and was an AP he couldn’t drive the mission vehicles because they all had manual transmissions and we hadn’t taught him to drive one. We took care of that with Andrew and he drove a lovely old Mustang we bought that had a manual transmission.

One of the areas I really failed in was teaching my girls anything about sewing. Now, Ally has Maddie the fashionista who wants to learn to sew her designs and Kristina is trying to make Halloween costumes for her and Brian. She needs to make an applique for the front of their costumes and I was feeling rather guilty that I wasn’t there to make it for her. Then this morning I was inspired. So I got out my fabric and wonder under and created a tutorial with step by step instructions and photos. I hope it works for her. I was going to post it here today and then realized that I might get in trouble for posting it in case they want it to be a surprise. I have to call her in few hours so I’ll ask her and possibly post it later.