Day 1 Taipei

I have lost my enthusiasm for posting my photos from this past weekend. I am having some issues with my blog and hate to bug my incredibly busy IT guy. My photos are going in the the draft as text and then every so often part of the text show up on the blog and right now I don’t know how to fix it. I like to be able to see how it actually looks while I am creating the draft.

Here goes attempt number 3.

After breakfast we took a cab to the National Palace Museum. This is where they keep all of the items they brought with them when they fled China. It’s a beautiful and well laid out museum. We enjoyed our morning there.

National Palace Museum

After the museum we rode a bus to Shilin Station. Their was a giant mosaic at the entrance to the station that took me by surprise. When I first glanced I just thought it was Buddah, I probably just noticed the hat and face. A second look surprised me.


Riding the train

We took the train from Shilin into town to see Taipei 101. Until recently it was the tallest building in Asia.

Taipei 101

To ride the train easily in Taipei most people buy an Easy card. It is the equivalent of the Suica/Pasmo card in Tokyo or the Oyster card in London. You add money to the card and then at the ticket gates you just scan it rather than having to buy multiple tickets each day. On the street near Taipei 101 we saw bike racks that had really cool bikes that were all the same. To rent the bike you scan your easy card and the bike unlocks. When you return it you scan your card again and are charged for how long you had it.

Easy rent-a- bike

The Tin Man

Freight Bike

Colorful Mime

Taipei Troubadour

After a short break at the hotel we took the hotel shuttle to Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market

The photo above is of a huge indoor food court. In Singapore it would be called a hawker center. We wandered around awhile trying to decide what and where we should eat. We bought a bag of yummy sweet potato balls and ate them while we wandered. We both had bowls of noodles and orange juice. The juice was the best ever and cost as much as our noodles. Here are more photos of the market and shops nearby.

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  1. I hear that your amazing IT guy was able to fix everything for you and make your life wonderful again! If anything else breaks please call/Skype/email or come visit.

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