Opera Salon

Rick received two tickets to the Opera Salon. When we arrived tonight a woman greeted me in English. She introduced herself as the wife of the man Rick received the tickets from. We were served appetizers during the first set. All the singing was in Italian except for one or two in Japanese and one number was in English. During the first set I recognized only one number, Requiem, because it’s on one of my Josh Groban CDs. After the first set there was a break and we were served our main course. The number I recognized in the second set was Edelweiss, not really opera, though. What I loved about this song was how it sounded with Japanese accents. Did I mention that all three singers were Japanese? Part of the lyrics go like this, “Blossoms of snow may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever…” Well, with Japanese accents it came out “bloom and glow, bloom and glow forever. It was a fun night! We need to get out more.