Looking up

Today I rode my bike out past Meguro to see if I know how to get to the stake center by car later today.  I know how to get there on the train, but I don’t pay attention when I am riding in a car. My friend is driving us to leadership this afternoon and she has never driven there. I even took photos of landmarks, remember that the landmarks are how we get places here. Well…I do anyway, since I don’t have a car and I don’t have GPS for my bike. After I finished shooting the landmark photos I relaxed because the ride home was easy. As I came to the top of a small hill I looked up and saw this.

I thought it was a bit odd to see this bust in the window. He appears to be taking in the world around him. I am not sure who he is.  He looks like Caesar to me. Do you know who he is?


  1. He looks deep in thought. I wonder what he is thinking about.

  2. I find it interesting that they have the bust turned out…I think Caesar is watching at you…

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