When I travel back to Tokyo I lose a day when I cross the International dateline. So it takes two days to return, but not really. It just feels like one really long day. I ususally get to LAX on a very early flight and wait for my Singapore Air flight which is either at 1:15 or 2:45pm depending on daylight savings time. I end up spending a lot of time in the Star Alliance lounge at LAX. In the back corner of the lounge there is a smaller, quieter room that I like to hang out in. It has actual windows and I can soak up some sun and relax. Today I plugged in my laptop and worked on the Relief Society stuff I was behind on, uploaded and edited photos and worked hard to update my blog. Recently, they have been doing construction at LAX and so this was my view today.

I have until the end of the month to continue posting everyday. I have gotten behind at times, it’s not because I don’t take pictures. It’s just because I get busy and don’t make the time to create the post.