Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Do you remember that PBS show? Today I had a message on my Facebook wall that asked, “Where are you now? Australia?” I feel like the question is often, “Where in the world is Vanalee?” I am in Australia on a “business trip.” As my daughter-in-law Ruth explained to Rick…my business is being a wife, mother and grandmother and when I am away from home in any of those roles, I am on a business trip.

The sky here is incredible almost everyday.

Yesterday we drove to the Swan Valley. We visited the Margaret River Chocolate Company, a vineyard where non-alcoholic wine is produced and ate lunch at Stewart’s on an equestrian farm. It was a great day!



  1. Your pictures are so beautiful that they look fake. I wish we were there to do all of those fun things. Bammy your little granddaughters will remember this always. What fun memories you have made.
    I love you and miss you, hope to see you in June!

  2. Hi Momma! Looks like you are having fun in Australia! I wish I could be there! Australia is always somewhere I have wanted to go. Miss you, can’t wait to see you in Tokyo in…I think it is 11 days now! woohoo!

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