Graduation and Mary Poppins

Rick and I traveled to Boone, NC most likely for the last time ever. I will miss the “mountain retreat.” We spent time relaxing with Andrew, Leigh, Rorey and the dogs. Rick spent a day in Andrew’s office consulting and helping him complete a financial report that a student had failed to do. The funny thing was another student came in to meet him hoping that Rick would do some pro-bono work for him, too. Then at the end of the week we went to Andrew’s graduation. We loved the time there and are so amazed at how fast Rorey is growing up. She is just adorable and talks nonstop. My favorite was teaching her to say oh-oh! Here are the photos.

I don't like this grass.


I can stand!

Formula to Diet Sunkist-Yum


They took us to Charlotte and we flew out the next day; Rick to Tokyo and me to Kingwood. I went to James and Ruth’s and stayed with their 7 children while they had a little vacation in San Francisco. I had a wonderful time with my darling grandchildren, Ruth and James, Kristina and Brian and Alex and Jan.


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  1. Kristina Brown

    We had fun seeing you, too, amidst all the babysitting! You are such a wonderful, Grandma! We are excited to see you again soon! I Love You!

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