One Fish, Two Fish……

Last summer when I was visiting Boone, NC Andrew asked me if I would like the “honor” of making his Fish Camp t-shirt quilt. Rick carried the shirts back to Japan in a duffle bag and I began to search for fabric. I had the idea that I would like to use Dr Seuss fabric with the fish theme. I searched everywhere and there was none to be found. I reluctantly settled on a variety of maroon and white fabrics with Texas A & M logos. My reluctance to use them delayed the start of the quilt and that paid off because in late February I found Dr Seuss fish fabric online. I completed the quilt this week and I am taking it to Houston to give to Andrew.




  1. You are such a great mom! I love the quilt.

  2. Great quilt! You did such a nice job on it and it looks great. I am sure Andrew was thrilled with it.

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