It is already the last week of September so you can see by the title of this post that I am way behind. During July we left the heat and humidity of Tokyo and traveled to the southern hemisphere to catch a few weeks of winter. Winter in Perth still means trips to the beach, parks and city. We were there for Maddie’s birthday, baptism and just to have fun. Here are the photos:

Winter in Perth

Bell Tower

King’s Park

Maddie Loves to Climb


Some things never change...

The skirts Maddie made for her and her American Girl doll

City Beach


Mr Wombat and us

Koala and Maddie


Freemantle Croissant


Maddie demonstrates Minkie (field hockey)


  1. Dee

    The kids are so grown! It surprised me how big they have gotten. I love the picture of “A” with her tongue out, I can relate!
    I think you are in Texas as I get ready to leave Tx. Good luck to “B” and “K”!

  2. Shannon

    I love this post! Boy, how I miss those girls! Thanks for posting. I love the photo of Allyson sticking her tongue out 🙂

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