January 8

I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. Each time I read it my testimony of its’ truthfulness is confirmed.



  1. leepp

    I have recently finished my 3rd journal book on gratitude. Was thinking it is time to head towards e-journal instead of papers……….yours is great, accompanied with images……still thinking about it ….January will soon be gone….so hopefully, my plan wont end up as another list-to-do but didnt accomplish when the year ends…..:).

  2. leepp

    p/s love the photo at the top frame of your blog -is it an auto photo by blogspot or yours? lovely!

  3. leepp

    oops…just realised that your blog is not hosted by blogspot. duh! Very nice photo – i love it.

  4. vanalee

    I would love to see a gratitude e-journal accompanied by your amazing photos! It’s never too late to begin. The last time I did something like this I started in February?

  5. vanalee

    I have some of my own photos that I rotate in the spot seas only. The one is WordPress photo, I wanted snow and I didn’t have one. It make change because I am checking with a friend to seen if I can use one of her photos there.

  6. dee

    I just started teaching the B of M again in Sunday School and am so amazed at the depth of the principles and experiences within the verses. I am touched and inspired differently each time I study or read from it. Although I dread teaching, I am grateful for the opportunity to study the Book of Mormon again and again!

  7. Kristina

    Brian and I just finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family-it took almost 2 years but we are finally done! I love reading it and I love finishing it. I love being reminded of how true it is and of how much peace it brings into my life. I love you! I forgot that you were doing these gratitude posts…I am getting caught up. I will have to be better about checking your blog more often.

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