As much as I complain about my boys convincing me to get a mountain bike instead of a hybrid, I have loved riding my bike. It  got me a round London for a year, well mostly around Hyde Park, and has been ridden in Tokyo for nearly five ( it took me a year to decide I was brave enough to ride here). Our family usually names our bikes. Since my black Specialized Hard Rock was purchased in London, I named him Nigel. I am so grateful for my bike!


  1. Shannon

    Nigel! How perfect! I am enjoying all these posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alex Carruth

    Oh good ‘ol Nigel. I remember being the one tasked with the job to ride him from Evan’s at Waterloo back to your flat when you got him. Look at you now brave riding in Tokyo. Sometimes I miss riding the streets of London, but with all the near misses I encountered, I think it is better for safety sake.

  3. Kristina

    Remember Tomas…I still think it is sad that he died. He was a good, yellow mountain bike. My current bike still does not have a name, nothing ever really seemed to fit. Sad. All bikes need a name.

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