Today I purchased another origami book to replace the last one I gave away. I have purchased a few since I have lived here hoping to learn to make some simple things so I can entertain my grandchildren, but I always end up giving them away. After I paid for the book and two packs of origami paper the shop owner gave me my change and handed me the tiniest origami box I have ever see. It is barely 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and the amazing thing is that it has a separate top and bottom. I could actually place a tiny object in it. I am grateful for unexpected gifts and kindnesses that cause me to smile all day long.

Close up of the tiny box

The candy dish I folded with the tiny box

Bottom of the tiny box


  1. Kristina

    Wow! That is one teeny tiny box. Your origami candy dish is darling. I miss you, Mom!

  2. dee

    I wish I had asked you to teach me how to make the candy dish box! I also wish I had snagged it and brought it with me!!!

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