I am grateful for change. It keeps me on my toes and recently it has helped me get ready to move on. Many things changed in Tokyo after the earthquake on March 11. The changes were not something that can be seen as much as felt. There are a couple that I can see.

From the first night we moved into our apartment I loved being able to look out the window and see the Angel Moroni on the temple just down the street. Then after the earthquake when electricity needed to conserved the Angel was dark each night. Not long ago the lights began staying on at night. Then just last week I noticed that the entire steeple and Angel are surrounded by scaffolding. I assume that work is being done to stabilize Moroni. He changed directions during the quake. I assumed I had more time to take photos of the temple and Moroni. I may have missed my opportunity because it appears that the work is going to take awhile.

The grocery store that I have shopped at during the last 5 1/2+ years closed at the end of October.  I’ve decided that throughout my life I have always been grocery store loyal. Wherever I live I choose a store and always shop there…Randall’s, Sainsbury’s at the O2 Center, Jelita Cold Storage, National Azabu. It was in an older building and needs to be rebuilt to current standards. I’ll be long gone before it re-opens. My life has changed because the store I go to now is in the opposite direction.

These are minor changes that help me prepare for bigger ones.