On December 29 I talked to one of my former cub scouts at church. He was in town visiting his family. He works for Goldman Sachs and lives in New York. He is much the same as he was back then. Handsome, bright and shiny. Shiny is the word I use for those who have “that light” in their eyes. He told me how another young man who lives in New York and has family in our ward asked him if he hated the city yet. Aaron’s replied, “No, I love it!” I totally understand his feelings. I have long said that I am a city girl an although I do love Kingwood and it feels like home, I truly miss living in a big city. I spent 11 years living in London, Singapore and Tokyo. I miss the diversity and being taken by surprise at something I saw almost everyday.

A few months ago I started following a Facebook page called Humans of New York. A photographer takes pictures of people all over the city and posts them on his blog and his Facebook page. Then in December I discovered that the photographer had a book with photos and comments either by him or the subjects in his photos. I immediately bought one for my daughter-in-law and funny thing she bought one for me and herself.

After talking to Aaron that Sunday I decided to send the book to him. It’s wrapped and ready to go, I’m just waiting for his address.

An interesting side note (to me at least)-he knows one of my favorite seminary students, Elisabeth Evans, who also lives in New York. (She has “that light” in her eyes, too.)