Day 35- Thank you notes to parents

When Allyson was called to be the Young Women president in her ward in Perth she asked me what advice I’d give her. I thought for a minute and told her to love all of the young women unconditionally, to look for their strengths and the good things they do and then tell their parents about all the good qualities. Parent’s love to hear about the good things their children do in a world where so many are so quick to judge and criticize. I had so much fun last night with the primary girls. They we so darling and very polite. I loved having them here. I decided to write notes to each of their mothers to thank them for sharing their darling daughter’s with me.

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  1. Since I started teaching Primary last year, I have made a regular practice of this idea, sending email to parents or just catching them in the hall with a thought about an insight their child expressed. It’s SO MUCH FUN to see their faces light up. I have had a smidgen of this feedback as a parent myself to know how much it is valued, and it always seemed to come at a time when I was on the brink of giving up on one cause or another. I know your notes are going to be treasured by those parents. Especially coming from someone like you. – Chris

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