Day 37- Not a thank-you note


Several years ago I ran into my second grade teacher in the Salt Lake Temple. I was amazed how much she looked the same after all those years and that I recognized her. A month or so ago I saw a woman in the Houston Temple who looked really familiar. I saw her name tag and realized that she was one of my high school art teachers. Today when we were on our way to the temple I realized that since it was Saturday she might be working again so I decided I was going to talk to her. I saw her as we were going into the session, but that wasn’t a good time to stop. I saw her again when we finished and stopped to talk for a minute. I told her that I had been one of her students and how grateful I am for the positive influence she was in my life. I told her that I remember her being young and very cool. So today instead of writing a thank-you note, which I have become very good at, I actually thanked someone in person! I smiled a lot on the drive home.

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  1. Chris

    I’m noticing a thread of a lot of smiles in this project!

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