The Kingwood Post Office can be very aggravating if you allow it to be. Today I was mailing a box to The Netherlands and a package to South Africa a very aggravating process if you are in line behind me. When I walked in there were 5 people in line and only one clerk working, very normal except for the short line. I grabbed my forms and got in line. I began to fill out my forms while waiting in line just like the man in front of me was doing. It was obvious we were in line. The woman that came in after me was aggravated from the time she walked in and immediately asked if I was really in line. I told her yes and continued to fill out my forms. She frequently sighed and tapped her letters on the counter. She tapped her foot and I could just feel her growing more upset by the minute. The line was moving really slow. When it was finally my turn I turned around and offered to let her go ahead of me. At first she refused, but after insistence on my part she did. I hope her day was a little better after that.