I had to think about this for awhile. I don’t remember my first crush, I do remember that no one I had a crush on liked me back, until Rick. I didn’t like the boys who had a crush on me as anything more than friends. Oh, the unrequited love on both sides!

The first crush I remember was in kindergarten when a boy named Stewart had a crush on me, it was super annoying even as a kindergartener. He chased me constantly at recess and I couldn’t play with my friends because I was constantly running away from him. One day he caught me and kissed me. The next day he was absent from school because he had the chicken pox. I was relieved for the two weeks he was absent. I could finally have a normal kid’s life at recess, but then two weeks later I was home with the chicken pox. After a four week separation, he had found a new girl to have a crush on and I had a great time at recess.