I love London!!

I always get so excited to return to London.  The excitement begins when I get on the plane but subsides quickly as the 12 hour flight drags on and on.  How many movies can you really watch in a 12 hour period without going insane and besides that most of them are a complete waste of time.  Reading is the best thing.  The excitement begins again as the plane lands and I have new energy as I charge toward exit.  As I board the train into the city my heart shouts, “I am in London!!!!!”  I get even more excited in the taxi.  I love this city, it was mine for four years!  I love the windows at Selfridges, the double decker buses, mince pies, the accents, my friends here and just walking everywhere.  Most of all I love coming here to see Luke, Allyson and Maddie.  Having them here makes London 10 times better.  Well, I must go and get ready to be out in my favourite city.

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  1. we can’t wait for you to head this way

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