O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Yes, that is right my Christmas tree is up!!!  I have never put my tree up before Thanksgiving.  Now that everyone is away from home, there is a debate inside my head every year about whether I should put it up at all.  Last year we went to London for Christmas, but I put it up anyway for about 2 weeks.  I took it down before we left for London so Rick wouldn’t have to look at it for three weeks in January, when he returned to Tokyo and I went to Utah.  We are leaving tomorrow for London to celebrate Thanksgiving with Allyson, Luke and Maddie.  Alex decided he wanted to put it up last night for family home evening.  It was actually nice to have some help and I do love Christmas trees.  I will arrive back in Tokyo on December 2 only to depart again on December 13.  So the tree will come down on the 12th since Rick returns the first weekend in January and I don’t get back home until the 19th.  So although my trees don’t stay up very long, I decided today that it will be a sad day when I no longer want to have a Christmas tree.


  1. James

    So where’s a picture of the Christmas tree? Do you still have any of the ornaments I made when I was three? 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys in December.

  2. chloe

    hey sister carruth! happy christmas ( i like happy more than merry, it sounds too hallmarkish).That’s really nice that you’re putting up a tree, I haven’t had one for like the past 3 years. We just have christmas deco but no tree. Besides, my family’s too practical, we just go out and whatever anyone wants, someone else will buy and hey presto, that’s christmas gift exchange. A little sad I think, but we justify it by saying that by the 26th of Dec, it’ll only be a week to school so there won’t be time to enjoy the gifts.

    I miss you lots and your photos look rad! I LURVE jap food and I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be to live in japan! I heard seafood is much cheaper there. I

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