The funniest game show ever!


  1. Okay! So some people don’t think it’s that funny (Alex). Maybe, it’s just the fact that I live in Tokyo and find such a contrast between the quiet, reserved nature I observe in Japanese people as a whole and their love for crazy game shows like this one, but mostly I am amazed that they actually participate in them.

  2. Hey! So I thought it was funny, you have to understand its hard to get my emotion on gmail chat…

  3. I cannot WAIT to show this to my husband. It is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I just showed this to Rick and he said he has actually seen this on TV here. So I am going to try and find out when it is on. I can always use a good laugh, I really don’t laugh as much as I should.

  5. The Japanese do the funniest game shows! They’re nutty

  6. hi bammy,
    i found you! thanks to alex daniel-aka
    ski demon on skis! ha ha!! anyway we have changed our blog site it is now:
    we love you

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