London for now…

I left Tokyo on December 13 and flew to Salt Lake to meet up with Alex.  We found him a car quickly and moved on to Christmas shopping, visiting my family in Utah and the stomach flu (only me).  So on Monday, while I stayed in bed, Kristina and Alex set out with my list and did almost all my shopping.  We all headed for Houston on the 20th.  Rick arrived on the 21st. We went to a house on the lake for Christmas week.  It was great to have most of our children and grandchildren there.  We really missed Allyson, Luke, Maddie and Isabelle.  Isabelle was born in London on December 17 and she is just as beautiful as her sister.  Rick and I flew to London on December 29 in time to bless Isabelle Amelie on the 30th.  I am enjoying my time here.  I return to Tokyo via Houston departing London on January 17th and arriving Tokyo January 19.  Crazy but worth it.

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  1. Ruth

    glad you are enjoying time in London we are jealous

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