Comfort Food

cup_001.jpgI love winter. For some reason, when it is cold outside I want to eat certain foods, comfort foods. All of my comfort foods are things that I usually only eat when it’s cold outside. The only warm weather comfort food I can think of is ice cream and that doesn’t really count because it’s really my year round comfort food, especially if it’s Bluebell ice cream! Yesterday I was freezing and wanted a big cup of hot chocolate I went to the cupboard and looked at my mug selection.  It was disappointing to say the least.  I wanted a big mug and then I remembered the hot chocolate cup my Texas grandkids made me for Christmas a year ago.  I keep it on the bottom shelf in the bottom cupboard.  (That is not quite as crazy as it sounds…it won’t fall out and break during an earthquake).  I love this cup and made a great cup of hot chocolate.  So now back to my comfort foods; hot chocolate and toast, oatmeal, Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate bars, Campbells tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, and tamales.  MMM……..


  1. James

    Glad we could help you out by having made that super cool mug for you. I could have used some hot chocolate when I came out this morning and it was 34 degrees outside (and not Celsius, so that’s pretty cold in Texas).

  2. Ruth

    that is the coolest mug ever glad to see that you get to use it

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