YUKI!!!!! (Snow)

As I walked to seminary at 5:30 this morning I didn’t even look up at the dark sky. Johnny Huang, who is the first to arrive everyday, came in just before 6 am and announced that it was snowing. I was surprised, I didn’t realize that snow was forecast for today. I was excited and went to look in case it stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Last year, the only snow we saw was a flurry of flakes for a few minutes in March. I haven’t mentioned how much I love the first snowy day! I especially love them when I can stay in and watch as the snow begins to stick. (There really isn’t much accumulating yet, except in the park). I walked through the park on my way to get groceries and took a few pictures. Now, as I look out my window it is coming down in huge, fluffy flakes. This could call for another walk in the park!

snow-004.jpg - 2.46 Mb


  1. Ruth

    so glad that it is you and not me with snow outside

  2. Nicole

    hi guys! Snow? What? It is freezing here about 9 degrees. We are ready for the warm again!! We love you so much, the kids are always talking about you. Please come back soon!!
    Oh & my blog came from:www.cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com

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